Fighting Flight

The brain checks off,
What it already knows,
What it is has seen before,
What it detects is familiar.
But in that moment,
Of assured awareness,
It bypasses an opportunity,
To learn something new.
To reinvent what it thinks.
To see not just another side,
But a facet of reality,
Always on the move.
And with the ticking of time,
The changing of seasons,
Horizons once seen,
Come newly into view.
But at what cost,
Is this price to be paid?
What has to happen,
For new bricks to be laid?
To tilt the outlook?
To slant the view?
Something has to be given,
Something sacrificed.
An investment so dear,
It seems unreasonable,
It seems overwhelming,
An unwinnable fight,
Out runnable foe.
But as distance grows,
The value increases,
The sting less intense.
But guilty fears,
Compounded with tears,
Make interest payments,
Somewhat manageable;
But never forgotten,
And never unnoticed.

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